Random Thoughts of the Times

Christianity is not compatible with fear, racism, or hatred.

I have started several blogs over the past few weeks, but I haven’t finished any of them. Covid 19, the rioting, and the election have all caused major distractions. These issues are emotionally draining and overwhelming. I find myself not very motivated to write. What is there to say?

I know of some people who are paranoid about Covid-19. I don’t blame them. These people have compromised immune systems, and the number of Covid cases and deaths are not encouraging. Some places are still seeing an increase in the number of cases and deaths. Hospitals are still filling up. All I can say is to trust God. My life always has been, is, and always will be in God’s hands. That doesn’t mean to live recklessly, but for me it means that I shouldn’t live in fear.

The rioting is another area of concern. I understand the need for change. Racism is awful. Racism is taught by one’s environment. However, how does it make it right to riot, damage property, burn and loot businesses, and kill? Protesting peacefully is fine, but not criminal behavior. Just because someone is encouraging riots doesn’t mean that you have to participate. Leave those stacks of bricks untouched.

A man is shot in a Wendy’s parking lot. So you retaliate by burning down the Wendy’s? News flash–Wendy’s or its employees did not shoot that man. I think a lot of people have lost their ability to think rationally. Defund the police? Really? That’s the answer? I’m sure there’s a better answer out there somewhere.

One thing that has really concerned me lately, is the lack of tolerance for those who have differing opinions.

Four years ago, during the last presidential election, I made a statement on someone’s post that I liked a certain candidate. The spouse of this friend, replied to my statement saying, “He’s a snake!” Really? This person did not know me and yet felt free to attack me for my opinion.

Just recently a “friend” had posted an article on the evils of Trump. The title asked the question of why we were standing behind cruelty. Basically it was bashing Trump about his past. It did not give any information about why Biden was a better choice. I just stated that the alternative choice to Trump was not any better. I did not defend Trump in my posting. Wow! I was immediately attacked, insulted, told I had “my fingers in my ears,” and was a “humankind murderer.” This hurt me deeply. And my “friend” who had posted the original article even liked the posts assaulting my character. And these attacks were by people who did not know me. Most of the attacks are by people who profess to be Christians. There have been several incidents through the years of me being put down for my opinion. I can take it, but I also unfriend those who allow insulting posts on their newsfeeds.

I think we need to keep in mind the old saying, “If you can’t say something nice, then don’t say anything at all.” Why can’t people respect the opinions of others? All of us want to be respected. Show that respect toward others. Don’t be a cyber bully. I tend to think that people who act offensively are insecure. Why else would they need to be so aggressive?

While Satan is having a heyday, GOD IS STILL IN CONTROL. God is provider, healer, comforter, omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent, and anything else you need during these crazy times. God is all you need!

So the bottom line is this–give God all of your worries and fears. He is still strong enough to take care of you.

Please don’t take your anger at racism out on innocent people. Some of those businesses that have been destroyed may never reopen. Innocent people are having their lives ruined.

And be kind to others. A Christian should not be insulting or putting others down for their opinions. We should be about loving others no matter who they are. Jesus died for them, too. Christianity is not compatible with fear, racism, or hatred.

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