Whom to Believe?

Is anyone else frustrated with all of the conflicting information about Covid-19?

Is anyone else frustrated with all of the conflicting information about Covid-19? Is anyone else wondering why Bill Gates is giving medical advice? What do we believe is the truth? Whom do we trust?

Some people are saying that wearing a mask is necessary. Some say it doesn’t help. I even saw the headline of an article which said that face masks may even harm you. I understand that homemade face masks are not medical grade and may not be the best protection, but in my mind it seems to be better than nothing. And sure, it may not protect yourself very much, but it could provide protection for those you come in contact with. So–if I’m required to wear a mask, then I will. I have gone to very few stores. But every time I go I wear a mask. It amazes me that even with it being recommended to wear a face mask, less than half of the shoppers in the stores are wearing one. If I’m wearing a face mask for your safety, why can’t you wear one for me?

There has also been talk about herd immunity. They say social distancing is not good for us, but others say it’s necessary. I know one thing. When I see my grandkids, I’m going to want a hug. I’m going through severe grandkid withdrawal right now. I need those sweet hugs. A hug through a plastic shower curtain just will not suffice. However, I understand that safety for my grandkids is very important.

Homeschooling has not affected me much personally. I’m retired from teaching, and I don’t have young kids. The biggest drawback I see about kids learning from home is that my eleven year old grandson finishes his school work in about an hour and then spends the rest of the day watching You Tube gaming videos. He does ride his bike. So he is getting outside activity. I just wish that boy had a hobby he could work on instead of watching videos. I’m sure other kids are spending a lot of time watching TV, playing video games, or on-line. There is a lot more to school than just completing assignments. On-line learning cannot take the place of real classrooms and in-person interaction with the teacher.

What scares me the most are those who are allowing fear to take away their common sense. They act like vigilantes and try to enforce the recommended guidelines on others. People who beat up others for not following social distancing guidelines. A person who opens fire upon a group of about 600 people in a city park. If you are that scared of this virus, then just stay at home. True, it was probably not a good idea to join a group of 600 people drinking in a park, but striking out at them with a gun is not a good idea either.

Where did this virus come from? Did it come from a lab? Why is it so much worse than other viruses? Why are we sheltering in place for this virus and not for others? There’s talk of not being able to travel without proof of immunity from this virus.

There are so many questions. I’m sure there are many more. What answers can we believe? Personally it makes me wary to see Bill Gates, who is not a medical professional of any kind, getting involved. Big pharmaceuticals have shown that they mainly care about money and not people. I’m not sure about Dr. Anthony Fauci. Didn’t he predict a surprise pandemic? Is Dr. Fauci sitting in someone’s pocket and profiting from sharing only certain information? Why are doctors giving such conflicting advice?

Is this part of a plan to take away our freedoms? “Contact tracking” is scary to me. I don’t want the government keeping track of everywhere I go and everyone I see. I don’t have anything to hide, but it’s not my idea of freedom to be so closely monitored. I also won’t be getting a medical tattoo. Some governors are allowing states to open up slowly. Some governors are still wanting things to be tightly closed up. I believe that governments on the state and national level, and even at the county (parish) and city level, are getting too big for their britches. Where does it end?

My plan is to limit exposure to the news and pray for better days yet to come. I will also remember that God was, is, and always will be in control. You think God is not watching or doesn’t care what is going on? God cares very deeply. Nothing surprises Him. My trust is in God. He holds the truth and the future. I’ll keep holding His hand.

Stay well, but above all, stay calm.


Author: brendagmarler


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