Out of the Mouths of Grandkids–Part 2

This boy is quick-witted and very intelligent.

My granddaughter has a brother two years younger than her. I will call him grandson #1. This boy is quick-witted and very intelligent. He’s also very sweet and loves to cuddle.

At age 2:

His mother called to him and asked him where he was. He ran around the corner, pointed to himself, and said, “I’m right here!”

When asked about what he was thankful for, he said, “Playing with Woody.” He also knew his sister would take care of him. He told his mom that sissy would put his dinner dishes in the sink for him.

When he argued with his sister over who gets to pick the movie, his sister reminded him that he needed to take turns. His reply, “I take turns by myself.” I thought that would make a great t-shirt slogan.

One morning he was with his mom in the bathroom while she was getting ready for work. He picked up one of her necklaces and asked, “What’s this? What does it do?” His mom replied, “It’s a necklace. It looks pretty.” He said, “But what does it do?” He was very logical even then.

At age 3:

He wanted a dragonsaurus costume for Halloween so he can fly and stomp. His mom told him that Grandma had already ordered a costume for him. He said he would just ask Grandma for a costume with wings. He got it.

Grandson #1 was visiting and playing with his bath toys while taking a bath. When I told him that he needed to get out because his water was getting cold, he said, “I need to give Rex (a toy dinosaur) a bath.” I said, “No. It’s time to get out.” He replied (even at age 3 he was a master negotiator), “Let me give him 10 squirts of water (another toy squirts water).” I agreed and then heard him start counting, “One. Two. Three. Three. Three….” This boy could already count to 20 and beyond. Grandma wasn’t fooled, but I did get a laugh out of that one.

He told his mom, “At Grandma’s we don’t have time outs.” His mother replied, “Oh, well. I’ll talk to her and you can start having them.” He said, “Well, I’ll just let her know if I need one, and I’ll take it then.”

He used to like to sit next to me when we would go out to eat. He would sneak some of my fries thinking I wouldn’t see him.

At age 4:

About four years ago, when my granddaughter and grandson #1 were ages 4 and 6, I stayed with them for several nights while their parents went out of town. I don’t like it when the kids fight, but I must admit that it is a little flattering when they fight over me. This time, they were fighting ¬†over who Grandma was going to sleep with first. The plan was for me to switch every night–sleeping with one of them the first night and then sleeping with the other the next night, and so on. (It was a lucky thing they went to school and day care so I could get a nap in during the day.) That was finally settled, but the good feeling of being fought over didn’t last long. The discussion then turned to who would get to use the iPad first and for how long. During the negotiations I heard one of them say, “I’ll let you have Grandma…”

This boy loves to play video games like his Daddy. One day, his daddy said, “I think video game developers need to add another difficulty level beyond the highest level and call it, ‘Playing with a 4 year old.’ In this level your teammates randomly push you off ledges inflict damage to you, etc. Believe me, it’s much more difficult to play at that level.” My daughter sympathized with him by saying, “So true. You just thought you were playing at a high level before.”

His services are quite valuable. When his sister helped out with the laundry, her parents told her she could start helping every week for some allowance. She said, “Every time I help I could get a dollar!” Little brother piped in from the living room, “I can help, too, but for ten dollars!”

At age 5:

When he was in kindergarten, he and his sister asked if they could take their drinks in the car. Their mom told them no because they already leave enough trash in the car. They were silent so she said, “True or false?” He replied, “Mom, that’s nonfiction.”

He told his parents he wanted to be a “ninja-ear” like his daddy. (His daddy is a civil engineer.)

At age 6:

When he was 6, we all went to San Antonio for a fun weekend. When we went to go shopping at Market Square, his mother asked him if he had brought his money. He replied, “I brought Grandpa.” That’s better than bringing your own money any day.

At age 7:

When he was on his way to church one morning, he asked his mom, “Is that guy going to talk for a long time again today? I don’t really get anything from that.” I told my daughter that she should suggest to the pastor that he illustrate his sermons with video games. Thankfully, the boy enjoys church much more now.

He also decided that he wanted a Dominos Pizza truck as his first car because it had pizza ovens in it and he can have hot pizza any time.

Then when lice hit the household, he announced, “Well, since I have hair on my arms I took a really hot shower to kill any lice, It felt like I was inside the sun.”

One day while snuggling with his mom, he said, “Don’t tell Hannah, but you’re my favorite girl in the whole entire world.” Mom replied, “Is Hannah your second favorite?” My sweet grandson answered, “Yes. And grandma is my third,” I’m so honored to have made his list. I’m sure I’ll move down the list eventually, but I’ll enjoy it while I can.

At age 8:

He asked if he could keep a bobby pin because it can unlock doors. We’re not sure what doors he wants to unlock.

One day he was sitting with his dad at Whataburger. His dad was walking his fingers across the table like a bug. My grandson smashed the “bug” with his hand and said, “Smash the spider!” His dad replied, “It’s not a spider, it only has 5 legs.” Grandson replied, “Smash the insect missing a leg!” Quick thinking!

This is  just a sampling of the many crazy stories about Grandson #1. He keeps us laughing.

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