Many years ago, I wrote a lot of poetry, so I decided to share some of it today.

Many years ago, I wrote a lot of poetry, so I decided to share some of it today. The following are some of my favorites.

Growing Up

I dreamed I was sitting by a stream

Watching the smooth, calm, flowing water.

I envied the stream,

So calm, so undisturbed.

How I wish I was like that;

Knowing what I really want out of life.

Love? Happiness? What? I don’t really know.

You see, I’m growing up.


One minute, I know where to go,

What to do.

Another minute I’m not so sure.

One second I’m a little girl who is

Confused and afraid, willing to learn.

The next, I’m an adult with ideas,

Thoughts, dreams, beliefs.

You see, I’m growing up.


My thoughts, my mind, my heart,

Are torn apart. I’m confused.

I’m turning in circles. I don’t know where to go.

I want to confide in someone,

But I don’t know who that someone is.

So, I try to be perfect and not let anyone know

My griefs and sorrows, conflicts and aches.

You see, I’m growing up.



Acts 16: 16-40

I’m a jailer in this town—

This town of Philippi.

A very strange story have I to tell;

This is truly not a lie.


Two strangers came to this town

Some days ago or more.

Their names were Paul and Silas.

None had seen them before.


They spoke boldly of a man

Who could save us from our sin.

“Eternal life is free for those

Who believe and enter in.”


A slave girl, who was put upon

By men full of greed,

Had an evil spirit.

Paul commanded it to leave.


The men seized Paul and Silas,

And took them to the court.

They laid their case before the judge;

A pitiful report.


The chief magistrate tried the case

And found them as charged, “guilty.”

He whipped and threw them into jail

And gave to me the key.


And thinking all was safe,

(Paul and Silas were surely as dead)

I stealthily tucked the key away

And happily went to bed.


Paul and Silas prayed and sang

All night to their silent Lord.

The other prisoners listened well;

But, frankly, I was bored.


“Ha!” I cried. “Where is he now,

This One to whom you sing?”

I snickered as I lay down

To the bliss that sweet dreams bring.


At midnight, (oh, what a dreadful hour!)

An earthquake shook me awake.

And all the jail doors were opened.

They had to have all escaped.


I drew my sword, as I was doomed to die,

To plunge deep within my chest.

I heard a voice cry out, “Stop!

We’re all here. Put your mind at rest.”


I turned around. Yes, there was Paul,

And all the others, too.

Why—none of them were gone!

This was something new.


I ran and feel upon my knees

And cried out imploringly,

“What must I do to be saved?”

Paul said, “You must believe.”


I was saved that very night.

Yes, I and all my kin.

And now my joy is full and free

And my rejoicing never ends.




He made the mighty mountains

And He let them touch the sky

He added a snow-dipped forest

And made wild eagles fly


He made the lowly valley

With riches of green and gold

Trees bowing down in honor

Blossoms that shyly unfold


He made the thundering oceans

And rivers racing to the sea

And tapestries of waterfalls

The streams add harmony


He made the yawning plains

Its grasses’ golden heat

He rolled out sloping hills

Added clover, soft and sweet


He made the fiery sunset

The rays that linger fast

To give a tribute of color

To the day that now has passed


He made the dreaming moon

To soften the cold, dark night

And enthroned it among the stars

And flashing meteors in flight


He made the dark green forest

And the fern and moss below

The guarding trees above them

Blocking cold winds that blow


He made the pounding storm

And the gentle touch of rain

The lightning and the thunder

Are in His vast domain


He made the wondrous world

And in His mind He had a plan

The smallest grains of sand

Were placed by loving hands


And who can see the beauty

Of the earth where He has trod

And doubt that He’s creator

And He, indeed, is God



Blessings to you!

Author: brendagmarler


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