It’s a Girl!

There is something special about the first grandchild who introduces you to the magical world of being a grandparent.

I have three wonderful grandchildren. I love all of them dearly. However, there is something special about the first grandchild who introduces you to the magical world of being a grandparent. My first grandchild is a beautiful girl, the daughter of my oldest daughter. I will call her H.

H was born in June of 2007 in a city about a five hour drive from us. The day before she was born, we were in contact with our daughter and anxiously awaiting the cue to jump in the car and head to the hospital. Our daughter had gone to her doctor earlier in the day, but had been sent home. Grandpa and I finally decided at around 7:00 pm to pack our bags and head out. On the way, we got a call that our daughter had gone to the hospital so we were glad we had made the decision to go ahead and start the trip. We arrived at the hospital at around midnight in plenty of time to sit around and wait.

After asking the nurse to let our daughter know we were at the hospital, we went to the waiting room. This waiting room was not comfortable. I was exhausted and could not find a comfortable seat. The seats were not arranged so that you could lay down, and I am not a fan of laying on the floor of a public area. I kept walking around, changing chairs, etc.

After several hours, we finally got a text from our son-in-law. “It’s a girl!” We had known she was going to be a girl, but it was nice to know that H had finally arrived. We were so impatient to see our first grandchild.

After about 45 more minutes, the nurse came to fetch the new grandparents and ushered us into the delivery room. I was floating on air. I gazed at the sweet little face peeking out from the blanket and cap, and she smiled. My daughter offered to let me hold her. I couldn’t speak or do anything at all except stare down at that beautiful little face.

It has been over 10 years. She has brought us so much joy! She is a sweet, loving, thoughtful, little lady. She has a style all her own. We have had so much fun together. She loves to have tea parties at my house and also go to a tea room for lunch. She loves to cook and bake. She loves to read just about anything. She loves to learn.

She’s talking about being an elementary teacher like her grandma (her mother teaches high schoolers). She is the perfect oldest grandchild.

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